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Rs.429.00(150 gm)

This powder is a prepared from pure stevia leaves, this is sugar supplement ideal for diabetic patients and persons who are weight conscious

Hair Oil-Vivid

Rs.329.00(100 ml)

Hair Oil-Vivid is a preparation from herbs which maintains the overall health of hairs by curbing dandruff etc. and maintaining shine of hairs

Shakti Ras-Vivid

Rs.449.00(500 ml)

Shakti Ras-Vivid is a preparation from Aloevera, Kesar, Chhoti Elaichi, Ark Kewda, Ark Gulab, Nagarmotha,Silverleaves, Giloi, Punarva etc.. This preparation maintains the general immunity power of the body

Pain Oil-Vivid


Herbal Formulation To Relieve Inflammation & Pain. Useful in all kinds of muscular pains

Skin Care-Vivid


Skin Tonic for almost skin ailments. Effective In Pimple Spots, Blemishes, Lentigo, Acne And Pox Marks. Increases Fairness And Glow.

Pancham Tulsi-Vivid


An Extract Of 5 Kinds Of Tulsi- A Traditional Powerful Combination Of Anti-oxidant, Antibiotic, Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral & Anti-toxins.



A complete solution to bad breaths, gum diseases,mouth sores,sensivity, yellowishness, caviies, decay, toothache etc.