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reduced side effects

Most herbal medicines are well tolerated by the patient, with fewer unintended consequences than pharmaceutical drugs. Herbs typically have fewer side effects than traditional medicine, and may be safer to use over time.

Effective in chronics

Herbal medicines tend to be more effective for long-standing health complaints that don’t respond well to traditional medicine. Results are clearly visible in case of chronic health problems

lower costs

Another advantage to herbal medicine is cost. Herbs cost much less than prescription medications. Research, testing, and marketing add considerably to the cost of prescription medicines. Herbs tend to be inexpensive compared to drugs.

widespread availability

Yet another advantage of herbal medicines are their availability. Herbs are available without a prescription. You can grow some simple herbs, such as peppermint and chamomile, at home. In some remote parts of the world, herbs may be the only treatment available to the majority of people.


Here is short description about us regarding our vision and mission
Every word written here is truth about best of our belief & knowledge

Ekam Healthcare is not simply a marketing concern to market ayurvedic / herbal products, its main motive is to spread awareness to mass by the way to D2D(Door To Door) concept marketing wherein aspiring candidates spread awareness by word of mouth advertisement, thus building their career by referring ayurvedic / herbal health care products. The management has 15+ years of experience in D2D concept marketing, so many aspiring candidates has build their career paths with D2D concept, which is legitimate in almost all the countries of world, plz. don’t fall in confusion with Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), In D2D concept only sales are initiated by trained professionals not by referring any chain system. This is sustained career in marketing by making preaches to public by visiting door to door and generating repeated sales on the basis of result oriented approach.

  • Expertise

    Our team is expert in their respective fields

  • Quality Check

    we are iso 9001:2008 certified company

  • ethics

    We believe in ethics

  • customer care

    We have dedicated team to take care of our customers


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ranjit singh

Branch Manager
Mr. Ranjit Singh is very dedicated branch manager, usually manage his operations by conducting seminars/ conferences in educational & other institutions
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gurpreet singh

Branch Manager
Mr. Gurpreet Singh has 10+ years in direct selling market, he conducts his selling operations by managing team of dedicated direct selling staff with different designations
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parveen garg

Branch Manager
Mr Parveen Garg is dedicated branch manager, he has good team to conduct various selling operations both by handing direct selling and wholesale management
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kuldeep singh

Branch Manager
Mr. Kuldeep Singh works as branch manager his operations are to head branch with his dedicated team of sales officer


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